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Noelle LaCharite is an evangelist. She is an advocate  for women in technology, and passionate about Mindful Leadership, work-life harmony and helping people achieve their dreams. She also specializes in helping brands potiential and capability through Microsoft AI. She has spent many years as a trainer, solutions architect, and evangelist for IBM, RedHat, EMC, Amazon and Microsoft. She has taught thousands of people the value and importance of emerging technology through mindful leadership and has delivered keynotes, workshops and conferences around the world.

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About Noelle

Noelle is  a keynote speaker, published author, and has delivered countless sessions throughout her career. She is passionate about Mindful Leadership, the use intention setting to deliver results and improve customer experiences and also coaches leaders to help them to imporve focus and deliver incredible results. She is a wife, mom to 4 (one with Down Syndrome), and she is passionate about changing the world! 


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My Articles

Speaking topic

Inspiring Women in Tech to Achieve More

In this talk, Noelle shares with women in technology how to gain the confidence and expertise they need to be successful in thier career without  sacrificing happiness, harmony or love.

speaking topic

Why You Need an AI Strategy Now, and How to Create One

In this session, we will help you define your holistic AI strategy, idenifty key applications and use cases to be transofrmed with AI, and identify industry specific ways to use AI to create opportunity, increase productivity and reduce churn.

Speaking Topic

Discover Ways to Foster an AI-Ready Culture in Your Business

In this talk, Noelle highlights the importance of creating an AI-Ready culture through the identification of time-tested and proven behaviors that set up your compnay for success. We will focus on the use of the AI Maturity Model Assessment to establish a plane and baseline for the most powerful impact.

speaking topic

How to Create Guiding Principles for Responsible AI Development.

In this talk, Noelle dives into the implications of responsible AI on your business. We will cover establishing guiding princples, examine how to establish givernance practices and engagement models, as well as develop an organizational model for AI governance.

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Some of Noelle’s Alexa Skills

Enable one of these top performing skills today!

Daily Affirmation

Alexa, Open Daily Affirmation

1-Minute Mindfulness

Alexa, Open Mindfulness

Daily Kindness

Alexa, Open Daily Kindness

Christmas Kindness

Alexa, Open Christmas Kindness

Positive Prayer

Alexa, Open Positive Prayer

Daily Inspiration

Alexa, Open Daily Inspiration

What Clients Say

Noelle wants to teach, inspire and encourage anyone who is looking to improve their customer’s experience with their brand or product while being more productive and delivering results for their business. Many leaders have heard Noelle speak and offered thier opinion.

“If you would like to get your audience excited about a product, or launch, Noelle is the person to contact. She is wonderful, passionate and has positive energy on stage. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Catherine Madden
Cofounder, Project Director, UXDX

“Noelle is a remarkable, dynamic speaker who knows how to capture an audience, even as she makes sense of complex technology for them in a meaningful, educational way. She keynoted a masterclass for us in the future of storytelling and content strategy at the University of Washington to great acclaim.”

Hanson Hosein
Director, UW Communication Leadership

Noelle is extremely passionate, and driven person. Her technical abilities, and business acumen makes it easy for her to disseminate complex solutions in simple business language. She has the awesome ability to communicate effectively throughout IT management hierarchy.

Arun Manchanda
Director of Software Development at AppNexus

“Some speakers shrink a lecture hall to feel like a dinner party. Then there’s Noelle LaCharite. She makes it into a coffee date.”

Anita Verna Crofts
Attendee at Content Strategy beyond the screen

“I recently had the pleasure of having Noelle provide our closing keynote at the Wearables, IoT and Natural Language in Healthcare conference in Boston. We were looking for an aspirational talk that could tie in the themes of the day and leave our audience feeling energized and motivated to take their ideas and products to the next level. Noelle delivered in spades. In addition to being highly technical and knowledgeable on Alexa at the product level, Noelle is a delightful person and a fantastic speaker.”

Pete Erickson
Founder at MoDev + VoiceHacks.com, Machinery.AI, ExoLeaders.com

“Noelle recently spoke at our annual retail conference. She brought an amazing energy and enthusiasm to her talk and was able to take a complex and powerful solution and make it easy for attendees to comprehend and ascertain value. Highly recommend her as a speaker and knowledge expert in all things Alexa!”

Asif Khan
Founder – Location Based Marketing Association

Noelle Makes an Impact

From skill building to speaking and inspiring others, Noelle has made an incredible impact with her Alexa skills and keynotes around the world. 







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